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Sep 26, 2016 · I DECREE AND DECLARE that I am anointed, chosen and called of the Lord. I DECREE AND DECLARE that every illegal barrier, hindrance, restriction and limitation is broken in Jesus' name. I DECREE AND... Prelude k24 swap kit
Jan 26, 2018 · I decree, declare, pronounce and proclaim that each closed doors of favour by the devil, familiar spirits, witchcraft and marine spirits be open by fire, in Jesus’ name. 23. I shatter, scatter and set ablaze, every satanic doors, brass doors, cursed ancestral doors, iron and limitation doors, closed against my progress and my family, in Jesus’ name.

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Right now our governors need prayer as they make hard decisions and difficult choices. This is a prayer decree for your state governor. Please pray these words out loud. Seek the prosperity of the city to which I have sent you… Pray to the LORD on its behalf, for if it prospers, you too will prosper.’ Jeremiah 29:7

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Prayer of Surrender: Surrender All to Jesus. This is a prayer when you need a closer, deeper relationship with the Lord. ... DECLARE AND DECREE THAT 2013 IS YOUR YEAR ...

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Dec 02, 2020 · Specifically, declare the note that we have added to the prayer at the bottom also. Do pray for at least your state at the allotted time and as led, throughout other "state" times. Who knows what the Lord will do? Blessings, Frank Amedia . The Decree (This is the decree that we will all use.)

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We Boldly Decree & Declare . We boldly come today to decree and declare that we serve a awesome, mighty and powerful God who cares for His body the Church. We farther decree and declare the healing of those who're on their sick beds. Lord God touch, heal, and deliver in Jesus name.

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“I decree and I declare that I am not a raw material but rather a finished product. God knows me and knows the reason for which he created me. I am not here on earth to merely live and depart.” ― Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

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Prayer. Purpose. Vision. Please reload. Follow Us. Where is God? April 11, 2018 | ... I Decree and Declare I Shall Stand on God's Word and I Shall Not Be Moved ...

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I pray all passages will be cleared so I can walk in the fullness of the anointing, authority, and power of Jesus Christ. I declare and decree lord Jesus Christ that with your help I pray you will help me enlarge my tent pegs will widen so your name will be glorified even more so in my life.

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Decrees for Your School. by Nancy Huff. You shall decree a thing and it shall be established. Job 22:28. 2. Decrees for Your School. Decrees are powerful affirmations that move our faith to a level of prayer beyond begging and asking. Decrees allow us to speak.

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Oct 10, 2016 · I decree a blessing over you that you will seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom with signs and wonders following. In Matthew 6, Jesus instructs us how to pray to our heavenly Father. A crucial part of that prayer is: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

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